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6 steps to a successful analytics upgrade

Big data requires bigger analytics. Here’s how to approach the pilot project.

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Cooking with DevOps

Author, entrepreneur and DevOps guru Gene Kim explains the key ingredients of the movement and how it can help an enterprise move “from good to great.”

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A cure for information delivery woes

A shared information portal brings the American Hospital Association dramatic internal efficiencies.

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Seize the power of connected intelligence

Jeb Horton, HP’s vice president of Information Management & Analytics, describes how connected intelligence can deliver the real-time insight you need to make faster, better business decisions.

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IT leader assessment

This tool evaluates the correlation between IT attributes and business success and, based on how your answers compare with average scores, will advise you where to invest in IT.

It is based on data HP collected from 650 global companies about a range of IT characteristics (server capacities, approach to information management, security, BYOD, etc.) and how they correlate to revenue gain. This assessment will compare your answers to the average scores in that study.

There are 12 questions that will require an estimated 10 minutes of your time. You'll receive a summary of your rating upon completion.

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Information management index


Percentage of the potential users of organizations' standard business intelligence (BI) tools who use the technology today.1


Percentage of organizations that said backup and recovery takes too long. (25% said they had insufficient skills to manage the task.)2


Percentage of organizations that said backup and recovery is too complex. An equal share said it was too expensive.2

1 "Big Data, Big Moves," Aberdeen Group, August 2011
2 "2012 State of Cloud Computing Survey," Information Week, March 2012

One question

Q: How will the tension between big data and privacy concerns be resolved?

A: Regulation is coming. You may not like it, you may close your eyes and hold your nose, but it is coming. … Technologists need to re-engage with regulators. We need to get to a model where we really understand usage. [Even among the IT-proficient,] we have very low levels of computational literacy, data literacy, media literacy, and all of these are contributing to the fears.

— Danah Boyd, Microsoft researcher, in the New York Times’ “Bits” blog

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