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Keep everything: The new data imperative

A big data expert talks about the culture change that drives success in a data-fueled economy.

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The future of IT: No borders

HP Software CTO Mark Potts scouts the cloud-driven, highly mobile future.

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Avis seizes online opportunity

Avis's John Peebles, VP-Online Marketing, describes how the car-rental giant accelerated growth of its web-based business.

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IT leader assessment

This tool evaluates the correlation between IT attributes and business success and, based on how your answers compare with average scores, will advise you where to invest in IT.

It is based on data HP collected from 650 global companies about a range of IT characteristics (server capacities, approach to information management, security, BYOD, etc.) and how they correlate to revenue gain. This assessment will compare your answers to the average scores in that study.

There are 12 questions that will require an estimated 10 minutes of your time. You'll receive a summary of your rating upon completion.

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Information management index


Percentage of organizations handling large volumes of data that said the greatest difficulty was getting the right information to their management teams.1


Percentage of companies using cloud services citing business continuity and disaster-recovery readiness of the vendor as a concern.2


Percentage of organizations whose cloud portfolio includes virtualization providers (down from 61% a year earlier).2

1 "Big Data, Big Moves," Aberdeen Group, August 2011
2 "2012 State of Cloud Computing Survey," Information Week, March 2012

One question

Q: What are the three key skills of data scientists?

A: They can take a data set and model it mathematically and understand the math required to build those models; they can actually do that, which means they have the engineering skills ... and finally they are someone who can find insights and tell stories from their data. That means asking the right questions, and that is usually the hardest piece.

— Hilary Mason, Chief Scientist, in The Wall Street Journal

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