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CIOs must lead on mobile IT

You shouldn’t follow the business on mobility. Start by making your own department fully mobile.

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Mobility tops execs’ concerns

Mobility is the top concern in a quick poll of enterprise IT leaders. We asked how they approach it, and what worries them.

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The CIO of 2020: Will you be right for the job?

What will you need to add to your resume to qualify for the evolving role of CIO at the end of this decade?

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Does your CEO like you?

How can IT better relate to the business? Should you model your IT dept. after IKEA? Christian Verstraete, Paul Muller and Gene Kim discuss.

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    Executive index

    Percentage of respondents who said they are still in the process of formulating a mobile strategy.1

    Percentage of respondents who said their mobile strategy is "employee first, then customer-facing."1

    Percentage of IT decision-makers surveyed in North America and Europe who said they’re not interested in implementing a BYOD policy in their enterprises.2

    Percentage of the estimated 85 billion mobile app downloads in 2012 that will be paid for.3

    One question

    Q: What’s the most common pitfall when an IT department is trying to truly transform what (and how) it delivers?

    A: Focusing on technology and process without applying an equal, if not greater, focus on the people impacted by the proposed transformation. Concentrating on tools and processes is not true transformation; this is achieved through behavioural change within an organisation facilitated in part by technology and process but more importantly from a clear vision of benefit (in appropriate language and metrics) articulated to—and understood by—all teams and individuals impacted. The need or desire to transform an IT organisation would typically be generated from a broader business requirement which must therefore underpin the planned transformation outcomes...

    — Craig Alexander, strategist, transformational consulting, HP Software Professional Services

    1 "Quick Poll: Enterprise Mobility Trends," IDG for HP, August 2012

    2 "Sourcing in an Age of Mobility," Forrester Research Inc., January 2012

    3 "IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020," IDC, December 2011


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