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4 steps to security in the BYOD age

The perimeter is breached, and you can’t secure every device. Look at the data, the apps and the users.

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Lead on mobile IT

IT shouldn’t follow the business on mobility. IT leaders should start by making their own department fully mobile.

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Strong application security in the mobile device era

Complex mobile apps plus increasing attacks equal a need to identify risks and instill best practices.

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Managing risk in an insecure world

At HP Protect, security expert Bruce Schneier discusses accepting that you can’t “get in front” of security threats, and an HP Enterprise Security exec talks risk management.

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Security index

Percentage of respondents who cited security as a top mobile concern.1

Percentage increase of mobile malware attacks in 2011 across all platforms.2

Percentage of companies that are "completely" (9.1%) or "extremely" (38.1%) confident they know which types of devices are used to access business resources.3

One question

Q: In a mobile/cloud world, how can you secure the data in transit and at rest, regardless of device?

A: Considerations need to include a combination of role, device and location. For example, a solution that lets your production manager access their email on an iPad at home, but not the assembly line control system. For that kind of access, they’d need to be on an approved device in the factory. … What about devices that are [lost or] “borrowed”? Consider how to secure the data, rather than simply the network. Then you can still provide agility for the organization, while managing the risks.

— Roger Lawrence, CTO, Enterprise Cloud Services, HP South Pacific, on the Grounded in the Cloud blog

1 "Quick Poll: Enterprise Mobility Trends," IDG for HP, August 2012

2 "2011 Mobile Threats Report," Juniper Networks, February 2012

3 "SANS Mobility/BYOD Security Survey," SANS, sponsored by HP, March 2012


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