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4 factors for stronger cloud security

Security practices for the cloud are still coming into their own, but CIOs and CISOs need to take action now to manage risk.

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A VP-Ops on how to say yes to innovation

A former VP-Ops at discusses the importance of aligning with the business in a fast-changing IT environment.

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Can chaos make you more resilient?

Chasing stability may actually weaken your enterprise, HP Software Security Evangelist Rafal Los argues. Instead, use instability to inoculate against catastrophe.

A chaos theory

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Deloitte Germany gains in agility

CIO Dietmar Schlosser explains how HP Converged Infrastructure and expertise made Deloitte Germany more agile, allowing it to play to its strengths and better serve its clients.

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    Cloud corner

    Percentage of cloud-using organizations that sign contracts after simply accepting vendor terms as presented.1

    Percentage of growth (year on year) expected in digital content in 2012—for a total of 2.7 zettabytes.2

    Percentage of businesses who cite either "improving business agility" or "increasing stability" as the reason they use cloud solutions. (28% cited "cost flexibility.")3

    One question

    Q: How can IT establish itself as a strategic partner to the business?

    A: “One of the first things IT has to do is report what it’s doing in business terms. The reason that’s difficult is that historically IT is fragmented in silos; everything is organized by cost centers, which represent how IT is produced, not how IT is consumed by the business. So you have to create a model that ties IT efforts back to specific business activities, such as an application or business service.”

    —Keith Macbeath, senior principal consultant with HP Software Professional Services, in the Discover Performance blog

    1 "2012 State of Cloud Computing Survey," Information Week, March 2012

    2 "IDC Predictions 2012: Competing for 2020," IDC, Dec. 2011

    3 "Competing in the Cloud: 8 Things to Watch in 2012," IDC, Dec. 2011


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