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Wanted: An easy on-ramp for Hadoop

Pressure to tame big data makes the power of Hadoop attractive, but its open-source complexity means it hasn’t been ready for the enterprise. That’s changing.

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4 factors for stronger cloud security

Security practices for the cloud are still coming into their own, but CIOs and CISOs need to take action now to manage risk.

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Autonomy polices constabulary’s data

British police force turns to IDOL to draw insight from disparate data systems.

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Infrastructure experts on Hadoop

Kush Hathi (president), and Dave Rai (principal, big data practice) of SoftNet Solutions, an IT infrastructure consultancy, discuss Hadoop.

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Information management index

Percentage of surveyed enterprise architecture clients that report advanced levels of maturity in the critical area of information architecture.1

Percentage of respondents who cited insufficient integration as the leading roadblock to harnessing the value of enterprise data. (Data quality maintenance placed second, at 40%.)2

Percentage by which companies increase the number of positive social media mentions if they use data analytics to identify key influencers.3

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Q: Is big data of direct value to IT, as well as to the business?

A: Big operational data has the potential to add significant value to the business. In a world where microseconds of delay translate to lost revenue and customers, it is imperative that operations be able to quickly track down the causes of delay and redress. That means analyzing operational data and making decisions to reroute traffic, tweak policies, or turn on services that will improve performance, resource utilization or security.
Additionally, some big data is equally valuable to both IT and the business. Browser, location, identity, device form factor. ... [This data] must be used by both operational and business data analysts alike if organizations are to fully take advantage of big data.

— Lori MacVittie, principal analyst, Rishidot Research, on the firm’s blog

1 "The Top 10 Technology Trends EA Should Watch: 2012 To 2014," Enterprise Architecture Professionals, October 2011

2 "Application Connection Priorities Report," SnapLogic, August 2011

3 "Customer Analytics: Leveraging Big Customer Data to Achieve Big Results," Aberdeen Group, June 2012


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