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Mobile drives change in apps

A former Forrester analyst sees three apps issues in 2013: Agile, PaaS, and whether the CIO will still be your boss.

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Master BYOD (it’s here to stay)

Employees want a great user experience on the devices they bring to work. HP’s VP of mobile management as a service says that in 2013, you’ll have to make it happen.

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IT needs some ‘me time’

IT guru Gene Kim previews his business novel about a struggling IT department’s turnaround, and explains what IT executives should prioritize over “putting out fires.”

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Gartner: DevOps is poised to improve your status quo

The DevOps movement has gained ground, the analyst firm finds, with many IT organizations deciding that now’s the time to change.

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CIO insight

Paychex’s IT investment

Joel Karczewski, SVP of App Development at Paychex, discusses transforming customer-facing apps, automating processes, and using private and public clouds.

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Applications index

Percentage of CIOs who report strong employee demand to support a wide range of mobile devices.1

Percentage of IT professionals using Agile as well as traditional practices but still using on-time, in-budget, and full-scope delivery as their key success metrics.2

Percentage of IT professionals in that same survey that met those three metrics on at least 70% of projects.2

One question

Q: How do you get LOB buy-in for IT initiatives?

A: Start by understanding what’s really important to the business in the first place. … Our global survey of CEO priorities indicates most CEOs are now squarely focused on growth. So if you’re still trying to sell the greatness of IT because you can shave 10 percent off your budget, you may be singing the wrong tune. … But reducing and rationalizing applications can only be a cost-based discussion, right? Wrong. …
We recently worked with a steel company that wanted to rationalize their applications. We interviewed line of business leaders and we learned that sales and customer service spent 25 percent of their time just hunting for the information they needed across all the different applications. … Ask your sales leader for average salesperson productivity and add 25 percent on top of it. That’ll give you a ballpark estimate of the business value you might add to the company.

— Daniel Dorr, leader of HP’s CIO Agenda workshops, on the Discover Performance blog

1 "Mobility disruption: A CIO perspective," McKinsey & Company, September 2012

2 "Agile Software Development and the Factors that Drive Success," a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of HP, September 2012


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