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Find quality in the cloud

A top HP cloud consultant says mobility and user experience demand new service capabilities.

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IT needs some ‘me time’

IT guru Gene Kim previews his business novel about a struggling IT department’s turnaround, and explains what IT executives should prioritize over “putting out fires.”

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Evolving your SaaS strategy

HP Software CIO Saum Mathur says SaaS will be one of the biggest opportunities for IT leaders in the year ahead.

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Gartner: DevOps is poised to improve your status quo

The DevOps movement has gained ground, the analyst firm finds, with many IT organizations deciding that now’s the time to change.

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Ballclub’s back end

Senior Director of IT Juan Ramirez gives HP a tour of the Tampa Bay Rays’ data center.

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Operations index

Percentage of companies that cited their own Internet bandwidth and connectivity as the leading inhibitor of the performance of cloud-based apps (the leading factor cited).1

Percentage of organizations whose cloud portfolio includes SaaS (compared to 42 percent that include PaaS, and 27 that include IaaS).1

13.8 million
Number of jobs that will be created by cloud computing from 2012 through 2015.2

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Q: How do you make an IT transformation process really work?

A: For transformation to succeed, you've got to demonstrate and establish momentum, value, and emotion. It is essential to create momentum. … We do this by identifying something that is time-bound, meaningful, and valuable for the organization. It should be a driver that will empower individuals to do things they’ve never done before and at a pace they have probably seldom achieved. This helps bring new energy into the project, creating that essential momentum and, importantly, a real “buzz” within the project team.

— Tony Price, World Wide Lead for Strategy and Transformation Consulting, HP Software Professional Services, on the Discover Performance blog

1 "2012 State of Cloud Computing Survey," Information Week, March 2012

2 "Cloud Computing’s Role in Job Creation," IDC, March 2012


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