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Hackers target mobile platforms and older avenues

HP 2012 Cyber Risk Report: Critical vulnerabilities dip, but exploitation of familiar vectors continues.

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IT has to speak SaaS

Outside vendors talk to the business in terms it understands. Learn the language to prove your value.

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Get the business advantages of service-based costing

An IT financial management expert digs deeper into delivering services the way your users consume them.

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Meg Whitman: ‘A new style of IT’

In a webcast with HP Software EVP George Kadifa, HP’s CEO discusses a generational evolution in enterprise IT, and how HP Software is helping CIOs rise to the challenges. View clips or the whole event.

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Automation first, better cloud second

Know what to automate before implementing the cloud—so you can make sure the cloud actually delivers later.

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Hybrid cloud: Insights into the IT future

Backstage at Discover Frankfurt, HP COO Bill Veghte talks about key trends in 2013, particularly the inevitable hybrid approach to enterprise cloud.

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    Executive index

    Percentage of enterprise and midmarket companies using infrastructure as a service (IaaS), up from 17% in 2011.1

    Percentage of senior IT execs who say they read online articles or blogs to learn about leadership strategies.2

    Percentage of senior IT execs who say they regularly read books on leadership.2

    One question

    Q: What’s the most often overlooked opportunity in cloud adoption?

    A: The chance to use this transition to reshape IT. … I’ve seen firsthand how organizations can make the transition from slow-moving DIY shops to agile business partners. How? IT needs to become hyper-focused on innovation and offload whatever distracts from this goal. And IT needs to get ruthless about sourcing. Find someone else to provide the non-differentiated services; otherwise it will be a struggle to differentiate the products the enterprise sells. ... With this approach you can increase the velocity of IT service delivery and operate efficiently, without sacrificing governance.

    — Joshua Brusse, HP’s chief architect, Asia Pacific, on the Discover Performance blog

    1 “2012 Public Cloud Computing Trends,” Enterprise Strategy Group, March 2012

    2 “Making Leadership Matter When It Drives Business Objectives,” IDG Research Services, for HP, September 2012


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