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How to combine a cloud push with big data analytics

Cloud and big data are both high priorities for enterprise IT. Here are five ways to make them work together.

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Your business is your software

See why enterprises are increasingly defined by software—and learn four keys to mastering a new paradigm.

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Taking the Guess-work out of big data

From Vertica’s first-ever big data conference, Bruce Yen, director of business intelligence at Guess, explains how the company is benefitting from its cutting-edge analytics platform.

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CIO insight

NASCAR’s race to the top

Chief marketing officer Steve Phelps explains how NASCAR’s Fan & Media Engagement Center uses cutting-edge analytics to change how they interact with fans and drive revenue.

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IT leader assessment

This tool evaluates the correlation between IT attributes and business success and, based on how your answers compare with average scores, will advise you where to invest in IT.

It is based on data HP collected from 650 global companies about a range of IT characteristics (server capacities, approach to information management, security, BYOD, etc.) and how they correlate to revenue gain. This assessment will compare your answers to the average scores in that study.

There are 12 questions that will require an estimated 10 minutes of your time. You'll receive a summary of your rating upon completion.

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Big Data as key to change management

Change is hard—and risky—in any IT organization. Learn how better analytics makes things smoother and more successful.

Info management index


Percentage of IT leaders who stated they had invested in big data technology, or were planning to do so within a year. 1


Percentage of companies that can analyze data in near-real time (data available within less than five seconds).2

25 trillion gigabytes

Amount of new data expected to be generated between 2013 and 2020.3

One question

Q: What kind of data can HP HAVEn analyze?

A: HAVEn is a big idea … but basically it’s a platform to cover all of your enterprise data—structured, unstructured, semi-structured. The rather clunky acronym represents each piece of the platform. H: Support for Hadoop, which is—among other things—making big data economically feasible. A: Autonomy IDOL, which derives meaning from “human” or unstructured data. V: Vertica, which crunches so much, so fast that you essentially “TiVo” through the state of your IT operations. E: Enterprise security: Now you’ve got big-data power to analyze the state of your enterprise’s security. N: And then finally n for apps to the nth. HAVEn is open and extensible, so an ecosystem of partners and developers makes it possible to look at your data through various lenses.

—Heather Mackey, Discover Performance Community Manager, on the Discover Performance blog

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