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Healthcare firm embodies analytics in action

A guest article by the SVP of healthcare analytics firm MedeAnalytics explains that mastering big data means a new focus on information that will dramatically change business outcomes.

Big data checkup

Success story

Insuring an advantage with analytics

Infinity Insurance deploys a new data architecture to bring a deeper level of intelligence to its business model.

Plan of attack


Care and feeding of Gen Y

Senior IT consultant Tammy Hughes offers a user’s manual for managing the next generation of IT worker: the millennials.

Who needs a hug?

CIO insight

A safe data HAVEn

Jason Lancaster, a senior HP intelligence analyst, joins a panel to discuss the power of HP’s new big data platform.

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IT leader assessment

This tool evaluates the correlation between IT attributes and business success and, based on how your answers compare with average scores, will advise you where to invest in IT.

It is based on data HP collected from 650 global companies about a range of IT characteristics (server capacities, approach to information management, security, BYOD, etc.) and how they correlate to revenue gain. This assessment will compare your answers to the average scores in that study.

There are 12 questions that will require an estimated 10 minutes of your time. You'll receive a summary of your rating upon completion.

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Info management index


Amount of data, in zettabytes, created and replicated in 2012.1


Amount of data, in zettabytes, expected to be created by 2020.1


Percentage of respondents who ranked analysis and decision making as the top business process area in need of technology investment for 2013. 2

$13.1 billion

Worldwide business intelligence (BI), corporate performance management (CPM), and analytics applications/performance management software revenue in 2012 (up 6.8 percent from 2011).3

One question

Q: Can big data truly be leveraged to provide competitive advantage?

A: While big data is getting a lot of IT press, it’s data science that we should be talking about. Sadly, somehow big data (and more recently, Big Brother over-collecting data) is getting all the attention, resulting in many people reaching the mistaken conclusion that “provided you have enough data, the answers will spontaneously appear.”… The lesson: there’s rarely a Eureka! moment. Finding value in big data and finding the connected insights that give you competitive advantage require a robust attitude to failure and a spirit of fostering continuous experimentation. And innovation is more critical than all the data in the world, big or small.

—Paul Muller, Chief Software Evangelist for HP Software, on his Cross the Streams blog

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