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At Georgiou, rapid growth takes a toll on information management

Burdened by decentralized document management and a lack of archiving capability, an Australian public works contractor turns to Autonomy WorkSite and puts it all together.
Poor document management is a common growing pain for organizations enjoying rapid success. Western Australia-based Georgiou is no exception. Over the past five years, this public infrastructure contractor expanded into new sectors, including building, mining, and oil and gas. During this period of rapid growth, the company reorganized into three semi-autonomous business units: engineering, building and infrastructure.
With management focused on growth, each business unit was permitted to set its own policies for information management, a decision that ultimately proved costly, as lack of standardization took its toll on operations and business efficiency. Transfers of staff among the various business units was a particular source of difficulty, as team members struggled to come up to speed with conflicting policies.
"As the units were established, each one created its own filing standards for managing documents and other types of content," said Dean Fearnall, Georgiou's Information Communications and Technology Coordinator. "There was confusion when we needed to shift resources to accommodate changing project requirements."
As a rising company with aspirations for continued growth, Georgiou quickly determined that the negative impact of its decentralized information management policy on employee productivity was unacceptable. Georgiou set a goal to implement best practices for information management across all the business units. Email management was a particular area of concern as email inboxes were being capped due to excessive volumes, creating the potential for legal and compliance risk. It also needed to support workers in the field with simple information management tools on a mobile device platform.
Georgiou identified the following goals of its information management initiative:

  • Standardize processes across the company
  • Minimize loss of productivity during personnel transfers by implementing a universal document management system
  • Enable mobile information access for field workers
  • Reduce the size of email inboxes

Standardizing and mobilizing with WorkSite
With its document management goals firmly in mind, Georgiou made two important decisions: First, it would phase out the use of laptops in the field, and standardize instead on the iPad, making it easier for employees to be productive and adhere to policy while on the go. Second, it would partner with Autonomy, which provided its iManage WorkSite for standardizing Georgiou's document management policies. Autonomy WorkSite Email Management was added to the solution to close the gap on email management, while WorkSite Mobility would streamline mobile access to files.
"WorkSite's excellent ability to handle email on an iPad was the main reason we picked the product," explains Fearnall. "Emails were not previously captured within the company. People hung onto them in a siloed situation. Now, with WorkSite, we have an excellent collaboration tool that users can access from anywhere at any time."
WorkSite provides the company with needed visibility into valuable information. Users can locate and share information for research or distribute updates, regardless of their physical location. Currently, Georgiou manages approximately 1 million items in WorkSite, including emails and documents.
The WorkSite solution has helped Georgiou overcome the dysfunction of its rapid growth and decentralized information policies. The company reports the following benefits of its WorkSite implementation:

  • A standard, company-wide policy on document and email management
  • A single interface for saving and accessing content
  • Collaboration across distributed teams
  • Unparalleled information access, including mobile access from iPads, laptops and other devices

Best of all, with WorkSite helping the company manage information across the organization, Georgiou can continue to build on its success by growing the business with confidence. For more information, read the full Georgiou case study (reg. required) at HP and learn what HP Trim offers for better document management.


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